Rehabilitation Support Services, Inc.

Rehabilitation Support Services, Inc. (RSS) strives to enrich and empower the lives of individuals by providing services and opportunities for meaningful emotional, social, vocational and educational growth. At RSS, we believe that a history of a disability or being disadvantaged should not preclude an individual from realizing his or her fullest potential or ability to lead a normal, productive life. Our programs and services are structured to provide our consumers with the experiences that will equip them to lead such lives in the community.


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Elm St Community Residence

The Elm Street Community Residence is a ten-bed, 24 hour per day staffed facility that assists mental health recipients to integrate/reintegrate successfully into the community. The community residence strives to be a warm and welcoming home. Recipients are encouraged to take an active role in maintaining the community residence as a method of learning skills that benefit them in future, less structured housing. Staff monitor the psychiatric and medical needs of residents including appointments, medication, and symptom management. Recipients address their recovery issues utilizing individualized service plans, which describe the steps to positively acquire self- determined skills. Utilization of community resources is emphasized in service planning. Transportation is provided to access health, social, recreational, and other community services. Fees are subsidized by SSI/SSD income, Medicaid and/or private pay.


TAP Treatment Apartment Program

The Treatment Apartment Program is a six bed scattered site facility. The apartments are fully furnished and include all household appliances and items necessary to live in a comfortable and safe environment. Staff have daily contact with residents and are available 24 hours a day “on call.” Residents receive individualized case management services consistent with their overall rehabilitation goals. Staff provide skills training with support in areas such as utilizing public transportation, accessing community resources, symptom and medication management and recreational activities. Transportation is provided for necessary distant services. Fees are subsidized by SSI/SSD income, Medicaid, and/or private pay.


Supported Housing

The Supported Housing Program provides financial support through rental stipends and case management services for mentally ill individuals who live independently in the community. Supported Housing is the least restrictive housing option for individuals who desire support. Recipients may receive services whether they are single or living with children. Participants may live in any type of housing (e.g., renting an apartment, mobile home, or a full house). Recipients are linked to financial resources (e.g., HEAP, DSS, SSI, HUD, etc.) and to other resources in the community. A Supported Housing Specialist provides assistance with: locating and securing affordable housing, determining housing needs and desires, communication with prospective landlords, assistance in maintaining an amicable tenant/landlord relationship, ensuring recipient’s rights are maintained, and accessing emergency funds to pay for expenses that might place the recipient at risk of losing his or her housing (i.e., paying rent in the event of hospitalization).


Case Management Services

Case Management Services are strength based and designed to assist individuals and families in accessing community services. The Case Manager works with individuals in developing and utilizing support networks, and services in their community which assist them in achieving and maintaining stability. The Case Manager accomplishes this by assessing strengths, needs and existing supports; developing a plan to access needed services; working with service providers in order to coordinate care; linking consumers to community resources; accessing services necessary in meeting basic needs, advocating for services and monitoring service delivery.


MVSC Mountain View Social Club

Established in 1988, the Mountain View Social Club (MVSC) is based on the principles of psychiatric rehabilitation. The club focus is that of recovery. By offering a variety of educational, vocational, and social activities, the club enables members to develop skills necessary to live and more successfully integrate into the community. The club serves as a conduit for evening and weekend activities (Nitelife), transportation services (Otsego Transportation) and supportive employment services (VESP).


Vocational Services

Vocational Education Support Program (VESP) provides Otsego County consumers with vocational counseling, readiness assessment, functional and skill assessment, educational and career information, job development and employment guidance, job coaching and follow-along services. The program works in cooperation with area service providers and VESID for referrals, assessment and follow-along supports. The program gives consumers employment opportunities at the social club site, supports consumers working at the Oneonta Bagel Company, an RSS affirmative business Consumers and services as a VESID vender providing Supported Employment Services that enable consumers tp secure employment in the community.


OBC - Oneonta Bagel Company

The Oneonta Bagel Company (OBC), an RSS affirmative business, is a community based small business program designed to train and employ individuals who are challenged by competitive employment factors due to their mental illness. Trainees are persons, 18 years and older, with an unsuccessful employment history who are striving to enter the work force. On going support while working is provided for the trainees. Supports include vocational and functional skill assessments, provision of educational and career information, employment guidance and aid in adjusting to a work environment. Trainees take part in the overall operation of OBC, from ordering to cooking to customer service. The goal of OBC is three fold: to provide a supportive yet realistic work setting, to provide transitional and vocational counseling, and to operate a successful business.


Warm Line

Established in 1999, the Otsego County Warm Line is a peer operated support program providing telephone peer contact. The program is unique as it operates on weekday evenings and late afternoons/evenings on weekends. Warm Line provides an ear to listen, information useful to the caller concerning services available in the community and outreach services via prearranged calls to individuals.